Thematic Areas

Thematic Areas & Tracks

Abstracts will run along the following tracks:

1.Epidemiology,HIV Prevention      
 Safer sexual behavior and reduction in high-risk behaviors among key populations, priority populations and the general population
 Implementation studies of new HIV prevention technologies
 Program evaluation and optimization for the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV
 Harm reduction program
 Early infant diagnosis
 Mitigation of socio-structural, cultural, gender and other factors that drive the HIV epidemic

2. Basic Science, HIV Care, HIV Treatment
 Treatment options, viral load suppression, drug resistance
 Optimizing linkage to care
 Adherence to ART and retention in HIV care
 Comorbidities and coinfections, general health, mental health
 Integration of HIV care and treatment with other health services
 HIV and AIDS Cure
 Natural and traditional remedies, physical exercise, nutrition, and spirituality

3. Social Support, Human Rights, Gender
 Describing HIV related stigma and stigma reduction interventions
 Interventions to reduce vulnerability to HIV and AIDS
 Gender based violence and discrimination
 Child protection and reducing violence against children
 Equity and social inclusion

4.Systems Strengthening, HIV and AIDS Financing
 Effectiveness of national leadership and coordination frameworks
 Workforce for delivery of HIV services
 Innovations for optimizing the HIV supply chain systems
 Infrastructure for delivery of HIV services
 Community systems
 Strategic information for the response including sub-group prevalence, size estimations for key, vulnerable, and priority populations
 Increased information sharing and data utilization
 Innovative methods for epidemiologic, implementation, and translational research




After over four decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda, the epidemic is described as mature and generalized, but with concentrated sub-epidemics in key and vulnerable populations.




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