The general objectives of NHAS 2023 include the following:
  1. To hold the National HIV and AIDS Scientific Meeting 2023 to showcase innovations in the HIV and AIDS response in Uganda.
  2. To convene stakeholders in the national HIV and AIDS response to discuss the Annual Joint AIDS Review report to enable the country to review and account for HIV/AIDS performance based on the National HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan targets for FY 2022/23 and form a basis for planning and monitoring of the national multi-sectoral response in the subsequent year 2023/24.
  3. To hold the Philly Lutaaya Memorial Lecture and associated events to rally the country against HIV and AIDS-related stigma and discrimination
  4. To hold a financing dialogue that brings together stakeholders in HIV and AIDS to discuss progress and challenges in realizing required financing for the National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan
  1. Showcase the innovations of partners doing work in HIV and AIDS research, prevention, and care and treatment
  1. Hold Awards for Outstanding Performance in the National HIV Response to recognize individuals and/or organizations who have excelled in HIV and AIDS service provision, advocacy, or leadership in HIV and AIDS in the country for the year 2022/2023

3.1 Specific objectives for the National HIV and AIDS Scientific Meeting 2023
  1. To showcase completed, ongoing, and planned research in HIV and AIDS in Uganda
  2. To provide a platform for scientists and other stakeholders in the national HIV response to share and discuss current breakthroughs in HIV implementation science
  3. To provide a platform for emerging scientists, young scientists, and civil society researchers with limited research experience to interact and engage with established HIV and AIDS scientists and explore opportunities for learning, mentorship, collaboration, and growth
  4. To formulate priority actions in the use of science and innovation to accelerate achievement of PFTI and NSP goals
  5. To synthesize important new data and information for presentation during World AIDS Day 2023
To operationalize the NSP, UAC and partners developed a National Priority Action Plan (NPAP), which articulates activities by stakeholders for each strategic action. The NPAP spells out output results, time frame, and lead sectors for implementation of strategic actions. The M&E plan for the NSP lays out a framework for tracking and evaluating the interventions. UAC also worked with partners to develop the National HIV and AIDS Research Agenda 2020/2021 – 2024/2025.  UAC therefore organizes the Annual National HIV and AIDS Scientific Meeting to provide a platform for programmers and scientists to discuss progress and challenges in implementation of the research agenda and the HIV response generally, and to dialogue on solutions to the challenges. 




After over four decades of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Uganda, the epidemic is described as mature and generalized, but with concentrated sub-epidemics in key and vulnerable populations.




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